Alameda County Plea and Waiver Forms

Alameda County uses certain “plea and waiver” forms when entering a plea to misdemeanor offense.  There is a general misdemeanor plea form that must be used for every misdemeanor case, whether it is a DUI or a Wet Reckless . The form is four pages long. If you were entering a plea to a Alameda County DUI , you would fill out the misdemeanor form and the DUI attachment. If you are entering a plea to a Wet Reckless, it would be the same: the misdemeanor form and the Wet Reckless attachment.   Keep in mind that any time you are entering a plea or going over theses forms you should have an attorney review the form and explain what rights you are giving up or exercising by entering any type of plea.

Alameda County Misdemeanor Form (4 pages):

Misdemeanor Plea Page 1

Misdemeanor Plea Page 2

Misdemeanor Plea Page 3

Misdemeanor Plea Page 4

Alameda County DUI Attachment (2 pages):

DUI Plea Page 1

DUI Plea Page 2

Alameda County Wet Reckless Attachment (2 pages):

Wet Reckless Plea Page 1

Wet Reckless Plea Page 2

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