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Traffic offense in Alameda County can be classified into three separate categories:

(1)Non-moving violations –

–Examples include seat belt violations and cell phone tickets

–The Law Office of Michael Rehm does not provide representation on non-moving violations.

(2)Moving violations: these violations accrue points on your driving record

–Examples include Speeding, Excess of 100 mph (2 points/30 day license suspension), Red Light tickets and Stop Sign infractions.

–The Law Office of Michael Rehm does provide representation on all moving violations in Alameda County.

ATTN: As of 2016, Michael Rehm will only provide representation on moving violation matters that are being charged as a misdemeanor or felony, not infraction. Therefore, if you are being charged with an infraction, Michael Rehm would be no longer available to assist in court, but he will continue to attempt to advise anyone with questions on these issues, as well as provide referrals to those in need of an attorney. However, Michael Rehm will continue to represent those charged with a DUI or other criminal offense, and will also provide representation on all Personal Injury Matters. For more information on Personal Injury & Accident Cases, refer to Michael Rehm’s Accident Attorney Website. There is in depth information on the law, and information on the different aspects of the law in each jurisdiction: San Diego Car Accident Lawyer.

–The Law Office of Michael Rehm also provides representation at any Negligent Operator Hearing that arises because of too many points on your driving record.

(3)Misdemeanor traffic citations: these charges are typically thought of as traffic citations, but in reality result in a criminal record.

–Examples include: Driving on a Suspended License and Exhibition of Speed.

– The Law Office of Michael Rehm does provide representation on these matters.

Whether you are facing these charges in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont or Pleasanton, Michael Rehm is available to assist you. Contact DUI Attorney Michael Rehm for a free, confidential consultation at (510) 418-0820.


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