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The Law Office of Michael Rehm provides representation in Alameda County to those accused of a DUI, Traffic offense or criminal offense. If you were arrested for driving under the influence in Alameda County, a hearing with the DMV needs to be set
within 10 days of the arrest date. In order to set this hearing you must call (510) 563-8900 and request your
Administrative Per Se hearing.

Alameda County is home to several courthouses, but all criminal matters, including DUI will be heard in one of four locations:





There are certain steps to defending a DUI case. These steps need to be executed in a timely manner, in order to obtain the best possible result. Generally, you are giving a court date at least 30 days away, but a good defense begins immediately. The DMV hearing needs to be set, the police report obtained, and an examination of the scene should all take place right away. Contact Michael Rehm for a free consultation at (510) 418-0820 to find out how the law applies to the facts of your case and what can be done to protect your driver’s license and potentially your livelihood.

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